Important Pages for Confluence



Important Pages for Confluence is a powerful plugin designed to help you organise and prioritise your crucial information within your Confluence instance. With this plugin, you can easily mark, categorise, and access important pages, ensuring they are readily available whenever you need them. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for critical information buried in Confluence and hello to streamlined access to your most important content.

Key Features

Marking Important Pages

  • Quickly mark any page as important with a single click.

  • Utilize customizable icons or labels to visually distinguish important pages.

Easy Access and Visibility

  • Access your important pages directly from the plugin's dedicated sidebar or menu.

  • Configure the visibility of important pages across spaces and user groups.

Search and Filter

  • Effortlessly search for important pages using keywords or tags.

  • Filter pages by category, label, or other criteria to narrow down your search.